A Clockwork Orange

Hello everyone, today, i’m gonna talk about A Clockwork orange, a short novel of science-fiction written by Anthony Burgess and published in 1962. Burgess find inspiration when his first wife has been attack by soldiers in 1944. A Clockwork Orange was adapted by Stanley Kubrick in 1971 .

The book talk about a young offender, sixteen years only. Whit his Gang, the Doogis, Alex Delarge rob, break the law and finally kill innocent people around him in the streets of London. A day like another, Alex is captured by the police when he killed accidentally a  woman .

At this moment, he can not imagine what happened. Alex go in jail and finish used as a guinea-pig for a science experience financed by the government. The Ludovico treatment. When he go out the jail, he’s not the same man. when he heard the song of Beethoven, the nine symphony. he can do something and suffering terribly.

So without saying more, A Clockwork Orange is for me is a great short novel. Funny, musical, exciting, bizarre, political, frightening… that’s the all words who resumed the book   for me. Enjoy your reading and see you for the next article.

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  1. Of course A Clockwork Orange is a great novel. The story is really interesting, furthermore when you know in which conditions the book was written. But I have to say that I won’t reread it before a long time… Because of the TPE ! 😉

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