Gran Torino

Today I’m going to talk about Gran Torino is a film directed by Clint Eastwood and released in 2008.

The scene takes place in Michigan, in United States and it’s the story of Walt Kowalsk ( plays by Clint Eastwood) a racist veteran of the Corea war and who just lost his wife and Thao a hmong immigrant ( people Asia) who is 16 and who is the neighbour of Walt.

In the quarter a gang composed by the cousin of Thao tries to recruit this last and give him a mission : steal the collection car of Walt, a Gran Torino. Thao is surprised by his neighbour and fail. Then a kind of friendship born between Thao and Walt but also between Walt and Thao’s sister, Sue, when he save her.

Walt learn to go beyond differences and prejudices, learn a new cultur and this relation with his neighbour brings him a little part of happiness.

I discovered this film a few days ago and I like it because it is a beautiful human story although it’s a little dramatic, especially the end.

I recommend it if you did not watch because it’s an interresting story and also because Clint Easwood is a very good actor! If you watch it what do you think about ?

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  1. I’ve watched this film not a long time ago and I found this film so touching. I was also so shocked at the end!!

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