The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

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This quote is from the epistolary novel named The Perks of Being a Wallflower, written by Stephen Chbosky on February 1999. On the one hand, this novel is autobiographic : It’s all around the character Charlie, who is the double of the author into the story. Charlie is very tender and he’s on the edge of the society, because of his bitter past. He has lost the two most important persons of his life : His best friend, Micheal, who commited a suicide, and his aunt, with whom he was very close. She was the only person who could understand him, without her, he’s completely lost, and can’t explain how does it feels to live what he’s living. Even his family are unable to talk to him.

Charlie has got problems to make friends.He’s too shy to go meet people, and always feels like he’s the one scapegoat of the school. When he entered for the first time in high school, it’s really hard for him. The first day of class, the last first person who he talks with is his English teacher, who find into him a interesting writter, whom he keeps believe that he has the potential to success in the future.  At the opening prom bal of the school, he finally meet two final-year students : Sam and Patrick. Charlie completely falls in love with Sam, but keep thinking that he’s got any chance with her. Thanks to Patrick and Sam, Charlie is going to live the life of a real teenagers of his generations : Sex, drogs, alcohol and party all night long.

Infortunately, this  » adventure  » will reveal a lot of things about Charlie : more about his past and about his personality, bad or good things.

This books is really incredible. We have the point of view of Charlie of what life looks like for him, and it’s an influence on our point of view. The story is beautiful, it’s a life lesson, about what does life mean, what having friends mean and what fun mean. The story is based on a teenager, so we can refers ourselves to him. How a troubled student can learn to be self-confident, and  especially : how to see life in a better way, this is what this novel is talking about.

Finally, the author Stephen Chbosky directed a film based on his novel. The mains actors are Logan Lerman as Charlie, Emma Watson as Sam and Ezra Miller as Patrick. The movie came out in 2012.


" We are Infinite "

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