Warm bodies by Isaac Marion

« What make you alive? »
In the traditional literature, zombies are presented as evil creatures, the heroes kill them. But in the book written by Marion Isaac in 2010 we have a point of view of a zombie. The narrator is a zombie. It’s so strange, but interesting.
The main character is a young man who don’t know anything about his life before the death. He can’t speak, because he was nearly dead.
He wants just eat humans brains, for take their memories.
One day, he kill a young man and he fall in love with his girlfriend. Next, the main character saves the life of the girl.
At the end, thanks to their love, the zombie apocalypses end, the main character and the other zombies becomes a man.
It’s was one of my favourite books.
Im my opinion, this is an original novel, « a zombie romance », a love story, done with charm, humor, and tenderness, a book full of different emotions.
Here’s my favorite quote of the book:  » There is no ideal world for you to wait around for. The world is always just what it is now, and it’s up to you how you respond to it ».

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