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Sweet Honey

Hello everybody ! I want to speak about one of my favourite book series? called “ Chocolate box girls” ,written by Cathy Cassidy, a English women author ! There are 6 books, but, no… I’m not going to tell you about the 6 books, because it could be very boring…

Ok, so I decided to speak about «Sweet Honey», the 5th book of the saga. It was written in 2014,. Every book’s titles are cute ! For an example : “Cherry crush” , “Marshmallow skye” “coco caramel” or “summer’s dream”!

Cathy Cassidy is one of my favourite author, with John Green, and also J.K Rowling (Yes , the author of Harry Potter ! I read all of the book , and saw all the movies, I can say that I AM A POTTERHEAD!! < a fan of Harry Potter ) But, here, don’t care of Harry Potter !! (Although, It’s a really good saga !)


First, I’m going to  explain the situation ( which is written in first novel..)

Charlotte Tanberry and Greg have 4 daughters : Summer and Skye are twins, coco and Honey. But, one day, Greg and Charlotte divorce and currently, the girls are living with their mom. After, she met Paddy Costello, a young men, who has a girl too, named “Cherry”. They move in Somerset, always In England to live with the Tamberry Family. After, they created an Chocolate industry, called “Chocolate box”, and they make their chocolate themselves. It is a real success !

In every book we have the side of each character. For an example, in the first “cherry Crush”, it’s the point of view of Cherry, “summer’s dream”, it’s summer and it’s the same for every book !


But, now I’m going to speak about Sweet Honey, the 5th book of the saga.

In this book, it’s the point of view of Honey, the oldest girl (14years old). Honey is one of the least nice sister, because she is really nasty with Cherry, and other people… Since, Greg, her father is gone, she became an another person.  And, she is bad at school and disrupt the class. And now, she is out of school because she hacked the school’s website (thanks to her friend who is very good in hack) and changed her marks. So, his father, Greg, invite her in Australia, where he lives, in this way, she could be far away of her problems. She is accepted in a Australian school, and met Tara and Bennie, and she will become friend with her. Honey decided to create an account Spider Web, a social networks: it enables to talk with her sisters far away from her, in England. But, quickly, Honey become friend, in the social Network, with “surfie 16”. She doesn’t know who it can be, and little by little, this person begin to harass Honey, hack her account , post many things horrible in the page of her sisters, and make a bad reputation of her. Honey is desperate and she  looks who it can be…

Will Manages she to discover, who is hidden behind the pseudonym “Surfie 16” ?




Yes yes, I KNOW it was pretty long… SORRY !


There is a lot of suspense, love, humour… Exactly what I love! I love read Cathy’s books ! Even if Honey, is a nasty person, at the beginning, we are understanding, because Greg, his father and Charlotte, his mother, are separated, and it must have been very difficult for her… In this novel, we learned a little more of her, because in the others, we don’t know a lot of things on her…

Honey is in fact, a desperate girl who want some love… Moreover, Greg, isn’t that good…


It’s pretty different of the others books, except “Summer’s dream”, because it’s talk about Summer(the twins of skye) who is passionate of Classic dance and want to be an famous dancer. (principal dancer) But she became really sick, and skinny, and can’t achieve her goal..

Summer is also a desperate girl..


I want to try to read the English books.. yes I know it’s really ambitious, but it could be very interesting !

At the beginning, i wasn’t not very enthusiast to read the first novel.. maybe because of the front cover…(which is not very… beautiful! Especially in English ! ) And the blurb is not very complete !  But, I read 1 page, and I found this really good !

I advise you these books ! 🙂

Did you read it ? Did you know it ?

English cover :

French cover :

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