Eragon is on of the books of the saga The inheritance cycle written by Christopher Paolini.

Of the genre of fantasy, This book tells the story about a young boy named Eragon. As he lost his mother, he was sent to his uncle. It takes place in a time considered near the middle ages, in a village where traders pass every year. Eragon loves hunting in the Shade, a huge forest full of danger. No matter what his uncle says, he is a stubborn boy and will always go and explore, further and further. On day in winter, he discovers in the woods a stone in a crater. It is glowing and intruigues Eragon so he decides to take it back home but will discover that it isn’t like any other stone. One night a horrible screeching woke him up and discovered his stone moving. It cracks and gives birth to a mighty dragon. From that day, the fifteen year old boy is bound to raise his dragon Saphira, to learn how to communicate with her and to realize that he is one of the last Riders apart from the king of the realm : Galbatorix. Discovered by the royal authorities that he was in posession of the egg, he is in great danger. He will have to learn magic and manage sword fighting by the help of his friend Brom and Murtagh. The journey is full of action, overwelming and the hero is on the quest of discovering how to be a rider, to gain courage and overcome the dark forces.

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  1. I love this story too, and the film is very amazing with many emotions like sorrow or sense of freedom and dragons.

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