The Maze Runner – Wes Ball

I’m going to speak about a very famous movie which all the teenagers know : of course, The Maze Runner by Wes Ball or more know in french with the title Le Labyrinthe. This movie is adapted by the first volume of the science fiction novel by James Dashner which was published in 2012. The movie was published in 2014.

When Thomas regains consciousness, he is trapped with a group of the other boys in a huge labyrinth where the plan is modified every night. He has no more memory of the outside world, except for of strange dreams about a mysterious organization called W.C.K.D. By connecting some elements of his past, with indications which he discovers within the labyrinth, Thomas hopes to find a way to escape it…

Every month, a new amnesic young man appears in « the glad » which is surrounded with the labyrinth. The doors of the labyrinth open every in the morning and close every in the evening. The labyrinth has 8 different sections which change every day : the exploraiton of the labyrinth is very complicated ! The difficulty of the labyrinth is also made with the mysterious creatures which are inside because they attack every people…

I found this movie very fascinating with many new developments, especially at the end… The continuation is also excellent ! And I recommend them ! If you like the science fiction and the adventure, this movie is made for you…

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  1. I believe that this film is known to every teenagers! I’ve seen both movies and it’s pretty good. There will be a third film but I don’t know when.

  2. I watched the movie and read the book and I loved both versions, but I probably prefered the movie because Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Sangster are in it ?

  3. I watched the movie too ! It’s very captivating and mysterious ! I love it ! It’s great movie with some disruption !

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