Lord of the flies, William Golding

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As you probably noticed (thanks to the title of the article), I’m going to speak about a classic book of English literature written by William Golding and entitled Lord of the flies. It was published in the 20th century (more precisely in 1954).

The story is set on an uninhabited island and the leading characters are all young boys. In fact they are schoolboys but they are far from the civilization because of a plane crash. The pilot is dead so they have to learn how to leave together without any adult, any help from the outside.

At the beginning, all of them have a normal reaction for children: they are happy to be alone without their parents. They enjoy having no rules. But very fast there are a lot of tensions between some of the boys. Moreover these teenagers begin to be afraid. They think there is a monster in the jungle. Little by little life on the island become very hard and there is a violent atmosphere. The survivors of the crash don’t realize that they become savages. And they will not stay all alive …

I cannot say that I loved this book because it’s not a book you are joyful to read … I liked the author’s writing and the intrigue. It is definitively a striking book and it shows dark parts of humans. Indeed the main characters are only children but their acts are not innocent. Some of them will die and that will not still be accidents …

I know there is also a movie adapted from the book but I haven’t watched it yet. I don’t know if the movie shows well the beginning of the tensions and the savagery of the children but I hope so. If you saw the movie you can tell me if you liked it!

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  1. I’ve heard a lot of things about this book and you convinced me in reading it (perhaps if I have time, one day !)
    How long is the book ? Approximately of course !

  2. Yes thanks to me! 🙂 I am the girl who speaks all the time about this book because of my « TPE » aha 🙂 Aww it’s not very long, approximately 200 pages. And if you really want it you can obviously borrow it to me!

  3. O guess what, I’ve also read that book ! Strange No ? not really haha, I was with you in « TPE », this story is very interresting and the evolution of characters is very impressive.

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