The Lovely Bones

I’m going to talk about the novel « The Lovely Bones », it was written by Alice Sebold and was published in 2002. It’s one of my favorite books, I love so much the story, it’s…wow !
So I want to share with all of you the story of Susie Salmon !
She was a 14-year-old teenager, who lived very well and was fascinated by photography, she had a sister, a brother and parents who loved her very much.
But one winter evening, while she returned of the high school, she walked by fields to join her house, and a paper that was in her pocket fell down of her pocket, the wind took the paper to a man, his neighbor Mr Harvey, he took it from the floor and gave to her. She thanked him, but he began to speak to her about the hut that he built in the ground,  » I don’t have time, I have to be at home » she said, but he insisted, so she went into the hut, she felt anxious. He looked at her and told « It’s warm here, you don’t find? »
Susie didn’t feel good and she was afraid… so she ran to the ladder to run away but she felt the hand of Mr Harvey on her ankle and…nothing more.

What happened to her ? Is she dead ? Is she in the coma ? Maybe she’s between the life and death…

There is also a movie, maybe the trailer will tell you more about the story…

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  1. The movie and the book seem to be suspensful and a bit stressful ! You have talked a lot about it, and I also remember that you have created a Machinima about it… here is the link of your video : ; I hope you won’t mind when you will discover it…
    Getting back to your article, I really want to read/watch it because there is a mystery around her death… 🙂

  2. Wow I had no idea this story was a novel at first! You know I really enjoyed the movie, so I’m going to read it right away! Thanks Emma 😉

  3. I have already heard about the movie, but I didn’t know it was, first, a book. I have never seen the film nor have I read the book, but your article makes me very curious, so I will take a look !

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