Girl Online On Tour, Zoe Sugg

Girl Online On tour is the second novel Zoe Sugg wrote. She’s a very famous youtuber from the UK who does beauty and life style videos on her channel called Zoella.

This novel is the continuation of the book Girl Online published in 2014.

In this story a 16 years old birtish blogger, Penny, is the narrator.

Penny starts blogging about her problems, school drama, friends, family, and boys and she became pretty famous. But during a family trip in New York she met a musician called Noah and fell in love with him, as as a result her blog became very popular. In this book we will follow her and her rock-star boyfriend ( Noah ) on his European tour during the summer . But being a super star’s girlfriend is hard, Penny will be threatened by some jaelous fans, she’ll also not be very welcomed by Noah’s band members and it’ll be hard for her to follow her boyfriend because of his shedule… So Penny will start wondering whether she’ll stay on tour with Noah or not. She misses her family, her best friend Elliot, and her blog, “Girl Online »…

I already read the first book « Girl Online » and Santa brought me Zoe Sugg’s second book, I almost finished it and I love it !

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