» SIMETIERRE  » Stephen King

Today I’m going to speak about a novel written by Stephen King entitled « Simetierre ».
This novel is a fictional story but it can considered also as little bit horror.
This work exist also in movie but I don’t know if he’s more known or not .
The story talks about a family « Creed  » who moves in a other town,in a big house near to an animal cimetierre …. they becames friends with their neighboor, days pass and things strange happened and nobody can explain it. One day their cat is found dead, the father going to burry him in the animal cimetierre and the next day …the cat came back to life …
An other day their son ( 2 years) died, so their family is overwhelmed sorrow and the father decided to burry him in the cimetierre ( for his son come back too) but things are different this time, the child come back to life but he was looks possessed by a demon …

I loved read this book because there are a lot of suspens and at the end I was anxious for the family , I recommend it for all the people who love suspens and horror !

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