American Nightmare

American nightmare it’s a film was directed by James Demonaco. It’s a thriller.

The scene takes place in American where there isn’t evil like murder or kidnapping. All the inhabitants are safe and happy. Is like an Utopia. But for that the American gouvernement autorised one night in year all violence , the gouvernement legalised that for twelve hours. The twelve hours are call « The Purge ». For a many inhabitants this event is a good ideas for safe the peace but some people don’t like that for they this event is horrible. In a purge a visiter go in a familly house and this familly who isn’t for the purge become : victim or murderer for keep alive. This is the intrigue of the film.

I love this film because there are suspence, action and oppresive atmosphere. It’s a verry good film for me.

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  1. I loved this film when i watched it, i find the story different of other horror film, i liked it but i was so afraid to watch it again 😉

  2. One of my favourite films, I love this atmosphere and the actors put themselves in the place of these characters.

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