Brave New World

Hello everybody,

Today I am going to talk about a famous english dystopian si-fi novel, Brave new world wich was written by Aldous Huxley. It was published in 1932. The novel’s title results from a William’s Shakespeare but it’s also results from Candide wich was written by Voltaire in XVIII century.

This story is about society where mans are create in laboratory because the author make disappear the sexual reproduction and love in his society. In this novel we produce embryos adjusted by our caste. There are differents caste, in fact there are uppers caste wich are Alpha and Beta and there are lowers caste wich are Gamma and, Delta and Epsilon. All the story is about this.

It’s a very famous dystopian si-fi novel like Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 wich was written by two differents authors. Brave new world has represented a pessimistic view of consumer society.

Personally, I like it so much even if I don’t like si-fi !

                                 Good reading to you guys !

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