Coraline is a dark novel of Neil Gaiman published in 2002, and nominated the best novel for Young readers in 2003.

Coraline is a little girl, who has just moved in a new house with her parents, Mel Jones and Charlie Jones. The house is quite sinister, they are in the countryside. Her parents never have time to look after her so she decides to explore the house while they are working. She discovers the « crazy man upstairs », M.Bobo who is slightly mad, he wants to show at Coraline his mouse circus. There are two other neighbours who are retired from a dance and acting career. In the film they are friendly and offers her tea and biscuits. During the visit, she discovers a door at the end of a corridor, blocked out with bricks. One night, she heard like mouse singing in the corridor, so she decides to go and see. They lead her in the corridor and just in front of the door, but that time it wasn’t blocked. She continues into a black and dusty tunnel until she finds herself into her living room, although she did’nt turn back. Coraline is intruigued and goes in the kitchen, she finds her mother. The only problem is that she had buttons instead of eyes ! At first she isn’t scared and Coraline considers her as her « second mother » who cooks and is always there for her. Her « second dad » is in his office, but instead of working plays franticlly on the piano and many instruments, Coraline is having fun in her new home. This other world is magic, the dolls and toys play with the girl and she finds a cat, who will help her in the story. Coraline will slowly live a nightmare in this parralel world, her second mother is actually a possesive monster and will want to sew the girl’s eyes with buttons. Not wanting that treatement, she is sent into a locked cell with three ghost children.  Coraline will make a deal with her second mother : she has elements (marbles) to collect scatterded around the house and if she finds them all, she will be released. Will her mother stay trustfull? Through this odd and imaginative world, Coraline will learn that having everything you want isn’t as important than having the people you really love.

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