Johnny Got His Gun


Dalton Trumbo is an american writer, a screenwriter and a director. He wrote Johnny Got His Gun is a novel in 1939 and he made the film in 1971. This novel is the anti-militarist literature. It probably the violent, the most gross of denunciations of war.

Joe Bonham is a young american, who decided to join the army during Worl War I. During, a mission he was injured a serious injure by bombshell and he lost his eyes, his ears, his mouth, his nose and he was amputated , he lost his two arms and two legs. After that, he lied in a bed of hospital and He remained conscious and abled to think, thereby reliving his life through strange dreams and memories, unabled to distinguish whether he was awake or dreaming. But he found a way for communicated with other people, and he tried to guess the world who round him by the alone possibility : the sensibility of his skin .

I discovered this book because we chose it with my group in TPE. I think that is a good book in the First World war. I don’t real like the theme about war, because it is always horrible and sad . And this book is horrible and sad but I know just point of view of french people but I don’t know about german people or american people or other. But I don’t read this book again but we must know it.

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