Source code

Source code is an American thriller based on the reflection create and produce by Ducan Jones, it was released in 2011.

Colter Stevens (played by Jake Gyllenhall) is an air soldier who wake up in another body. He had no more memory and Christina Warren (player by Michelle Monoghan) a woman, talk to him as if they knew. They are in a train but it explose 8 minutes later, and Colter Stevens wake up again but in his body this time. He is lost and dont understand. Another soldier Colleen Goodwin (player by Vera Farmiga) asks him questions through a TV which he can not answer. Then he return in the train, the same action happens.

This film could have been boring but it is not, we follow the story and it’s exciting. It’s also anxious the character is constantly locked in a train or in a capsule. The end is huge we do not expect it we understand everything and it is so well explained that everyone can watch it easly.

And you what do you do if you had 8 minutes to live ?


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  1. Create a movie where the action is based on 8 minutes, it’s amazing and I really like it.

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