Animal Farm by George ORWELL

Hi everyone, today i’m going to talk about a famous book intitled « The Animal Farm » written in 1945 and published in 1984 by a famous writter George Orwell.

This farm is not as the other farm. In fact, she’s not ordinary, she have animals who speak !

We have in a first group the pigs, they manage the farm and all the animals, the pigs who have the supreme authority : Boule de neige and Napoléon. They instaured this followings regulation: « All two legs is an ennemy. All four legs or all fowl, a friend. Any animals don’t will sleep in a bed. Any animals don’t will wear they locks. Any animals don’t will drink of alcohol. Any animals don’t will kill an other animal. All animals are equal. »

The time progress and the rain erase they regulations. The donkey, a cynic, decode again : « All animals are equals, but some are more famous than others ».

To conclude, I liked this book, because he refers at the World War II but we don’t know directly the message with the animals. I’m a big fan of that historical period so it’s for me an amazing thing to present you this literature.

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