Er ist wieder da (He came back) – Timur Vermes

Er ist wieder da is a german novel written by Timur Vermes and released in 2011. The english translation could be He came back.

It is a fictional story in which Hitler, the german despot, wake up sixty-six years after his death. Actually, it is pretty comic since there are many anachronisms especially in the beginning when the Fürher doesn’t realise what happened. For instance, he woke up in a waste ground and got angry when two kids (that he just met) didn’t do the nazi salvation. Moreover he even thinks that the website « Wikipedia » comes from the word « Wikinger » which means viking. And althought everybody recognize him, they think  that he is an actor who was chosen to play Hitler in a movie, some of them even ask what is the name of this movie.  All along the book, he faced numerous situations which will make him understand what happened.Even if Germany has changed (the country no longer shines on the Europe, country which is ruled by a woman), Hitler is dertermined to put back Germany in the straight way (where nazism and antisemitism are the main ideas). Helped by a television team, he will tried to reconquer the country which used to be his. But will he succeed? There is only one way to know : by reading the book.

In addition, the book has been sold £19.33 in reference to the year when Hitler came to power.

The book was, and still is, a success since 1,4 million copies were sold in Germany in 2014. Also, the book has been translated in 17 different languages in 2013.

I advice you this novel. I really enjoyed to read it, being a huge history fan (particularely of the totalitarian regimes) I was so pleased to find this book. It is both funny and interresting. If you don’t like (or want) to read, you can also watch the movie of the same name, released in 2015.

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  1. I bought this book, and i read it very quickly ! I found it very very great. The book show us the absurdity of our world and especially its evolution…

  2. I read your summary and this book sounds very funny and interesting. What an idea to put a jerk in unbelievable situations like this ! But I think that behind the side of the book completely off the wall, there is a real message. Maybe this book is some kind of a metaphor : the author wants to aware us from the potential rise of extremism all around the world and wants to point out the fact that people like Hitler could return in the exercise of power if we don’t pay attention… 😉

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