« No Time For Goodbye » – Linwood Barclay

Today, I’m going to speak about the novel, PUBLISHED in 2007 by Linwood Barclay an american writer, « No time for goodbye » translated in french by « Cette nuit-là ».

It’s a great plotter novel, with lot of suspens and strange events.

The story speaks about a young teenager, Cynthia. She is very rebel and wants to live her own life, like an adult.

So, one day, she aims to run away to go with her friends during the night. But, when she comes back at home, the house is totaly desolate.

No one is here. Her father, her mother and her brother were disappeared. She will never know the true and what happened.

25 years later, in her home, she gets a phone call, and the past reoccurs and brings back old memories.

I love this book because at the end, there is a great revelation and I love it ! It’s very captivating !

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  1. I don’t know this book, but I think there is many suspens as I like. Your article right away made me think of the film Before I go to sleep… I know my future reading ! 😉

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