Sweeney todd is a serial killer of the english folklore, the story of this man gave birth to some adaptation in theater, novel, and in movie.

I will speak you about the adaptation in the movie of Tim Burton who is call Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. That a musical movie, the role of Sweeney Todd is played by Johnny Depp this film is between black comedy and horror to apreciate this you need to take it in the third degrees

SYNOPSIS:The story take place in the XIX century in London, Benjamin Barker a skilled barber who now calls Sweeney Todd is back after fifteen years of exile. When he came back to Fleet Street he never regained his wife and his daughter (because his wife was raped and by Turpin the man who condamn benjamin to exil, and his daughter became the pupil of Turpin). He housed his barber shop above a restaurant of pie with meat wich belongs to Mrs Lovett . Benjamin decided to found his daughter and to get revenge of Turpin he create a machine to take the bodies of victims to furnace and to put the human meat in the pie, kill up Turpin.

Thanks for reading i will put a little link to see the trailer of this bloody movie…

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  1. A really great movie! I loved the story and the actors (Johnny!) but to my mind there are too much songs: characters are talking and they suddenly sing. It’s a little bit strange. However the atmosphere of the 19th century is awesome and the story is completely crazy: I love it! That’s Tim Burton’s movie 😉 !

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