A Feeling Stronger Than Fear by Marc Levy

Today, I will talk about a great French book written by an awesome author that every reader has to know or must have heard about at least one time in their life : Marc Levy. This book is called “A Feeling Stronger Than Fear” (or, in French : “Un Sentiment Plus Fort Que La Peur”). Actually, this is the first time that I read a book from this author so I couldn’t tell you about the author’s style of writing or if this book is better than his previous others… You understand that I am not a Levy-fanboy-addict or an-absolute-reader-from-the-first-release but just a guy who wants to try something new, interesting and entertaining and who hopes to travel and go out far away while reading and staying in the same room. Yeah, making dream the reader sounds like the ultimate challenge for a writer or a story-teller. So, what ? Did I travel far away with this book ? Did I forget all about what surround me and let just the power of the story bring me to some dangerous places with attractive but stereotypical characters and serious things like secrets and conspiracies ? The answer is yes. Levy’s got me.

The story is about a woman, Suzie Baker. At the beginning of the novel, she finds, in an old plane left amongst the Mont Blanc Mountains, the document that can clear her family’s name and bring justice in the trial. But, this document is also hazardous because it awakens the American Secret Services (if not, it won’t be funny ;)). So, Suzie leads an investigation with the help of Andrew Stillman, a reporter at the “New York Times”, in order to save his life and to discover the truth about what can be one of the most kept secrets of our time. Throughout the story, these characters will have to avoid traps, manipulations and persecutions… They’re definitely alone, they can’t trust anyone and just have to count on themselves.

I took a lot of pleasure to read this book, there is so much suspense until the end and the fall is incredible and smart. Marc Levy succeeded in making something absolutely breathtaking and I can’t help to recommend this book ! This is a “must-have” and I promise that you won’t lose your money and your time 😉

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