Am stram gram, M.J. Arlidge

Last summer I read a detective novel entitled Am stram gram, written by M.J. Arlidge. This thriller with a lot of suspense follows the life of Helen Grace, a commander who tries to solve a very worrying investigation.

Two people are kidnapped and confined illegally in a place from where they can’t escape. All there is with them is a gun and a message : « You must kill to live ». From that moment they are trapped, they have a choice to make, murder the other person or be murdered. These crimes reoccur again and again, letting the agents perplexed because the victims don’t seem to have a link between each other.

I wouldn’t particularly recommend this book because, even if it’s catchy and I read it very fast, I was a little disappointed about some aspects of this book. I personnally think that the chapters are too shorts, it barely satisfied me. Moreover I think the end was hard, indeed it gives no respite to the reader and it could have been exploited more.

I still enjoyed reading it thanks to the very tense and suspenful moments !

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