Into that forest, Louis Nowra

Hello everyone! This time I would like to share with you a novel written by an Australian author whose name is Louis Nowra. This novel was published in 2012 and it is entitled « Into that forest ». The story is set in Australia -more precisely in Tasmania- and it talks about two young girls, Hannah & Becky. They were having a picnic near a river with Hannah’s parents when suddenly a tropical storm went off. They all fell in the river and a tiger saved Hannah and Becky’s lives but adults drowned. Consequently, the girls found themselves alone in the bush. They have to follow the tiger if they want to survive. And there, begins a moving story between the two humans and the tiger. Little by little, Becky and Hannah forget how to speak, how to walk with their two legs …. All those make them “humans”.
At the end of the story Hannah and Becky return to their home but they have been living like animals for a long time so they can’t go back easily to the civilisation. They don’t manage to speak once again, to learn how to write once again … and they don’t really want to.

I loved the storyline but not really the writing. Indeed the writing is very simple and child’s play but it is justified. At the beginning the narrator –Hannah- says that she find it difficult to speak or to write because she has lived apart from the society for many years. So that’s normal if she don’t really express herself very well. It’s a short novel; you can read it quickly so I advise you to read this book!(If you want to read this novel the french title is « Les enfants sauvages »).

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