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Today I’d like to speak about something I have discovered during the vacation. Yep I read a new manga. I mean new for me x’) Because it’s already finished since 2013.

In a nutshell, Soul Eater is shônen manga (so it means adventure, frienship, fights…) written and drawn by Atsushi ?kubo where the main characters are Maka Albarn and Soul Eater (that’s a nickname as you can guess !).

To be honest I first saw the animated version (which is not the same than the manga up to a certain point) and I thought it could be boring or irritating : but it was just because they were introducing the characters.
So when the story really started I discovered a really new insane but amazing world. We can easily compare Atsushi ?kubo’s drawing style and universe to Tim Burton ! Knowing I’m a huge fan of this guy as a lot of people, it was really a great and pleasant discovery !
This story is set in the town of Death City, and the first time I saw it I was like « Oh it souds like Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas » ! and I had stars in the eyes !

Well, now here is a little sum-up of the story of the madly amazing Soul Eater manga. So in Death City, you have a school (everything seems normal until here, doesn’t it ?) named Shibusen… Or Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA shortly) for the english version.

Here you have two types of students : meisters and weapons. Weapons are humans who can turn into a weapon and meisters control them. Together, as a team, they must collect 99 bad guy’s souls and a witch’s soul to allow the weapon to become a Death Scythe (a stronger weapon to fight against the evil forces !).
That’s just what they are supposed to do because of course the story isn’t only about that.
Because of the numerous characters we have different stories since they have different goals… We have a lot of funny moments, but also amazingly well-drawn fight scene, and the fear of becoming insane… Insanity plays a major role in this world because Shibusen’s students fight to prevent their world from the return of the Kishin, a demon that spread this insanity.

Finally I have to say that Soul Eater is a worth-reading manga if you love laughing, seeing crazy, amazing and unbelievable events.

Moreover nowadays, if you know where to look you can find what we call “scans” so it means that you can read chapters online for free… (It’s like streaming so you guess that it’s not really law-abiding… But times are though !)

Well there are so many good things to say that I can only advise you to read this manga if you like it after trying !

Bye people and remember that « a sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body » ! 😉

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  1. Ho I read manga too ! I know the name of this book but i didn’t read it ! The story seems very cool, so maybe I will read this manga after my other book ! Thanks you for this discovery ! 😉

  2. Thanks to you, i discovered this very good manga ! As you said, it was the same situation for me ! In fact, i saw the animated version but until 8 episode, i didn’t like it ! I was like:  » Oh no, the story is so slow  »
    But now, i can say that it’s a REALLY GOOD Manga, with a VERY INTERESTING story !!
    I really liked your assimilation to Burton’s crazy world ! You’re right ! 🙂
    The characters are as fun and crazy as each others ! Like Stein or Shinigami !
    They are so appealing ! 🙂
    I’m juste a little bit diasappointed by the end of the animated version which doesn’t correspond to the manga’s end!
    Great job ! 🙂

  3. I think you already told me about this manga among many other and the story seems very cool and I think, problably one day, I would read this manga.

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