White Fang

Hullo everybody !

Today I’ve decided to speak about a book I read a long time ago after founding it in an old wardrobe. I guess it was my father’s !

So because you read the title, you must now that I’m going to speak about Jack London’s White Fang, another famous wolfdog. Yeah I really enjoy this kind of story, especially when I was younger and crazy about animals (I’m still but less !)

Then I tkink that almost everybody knows the story. Anyways we follow the adventures of White Fang, a wolfdog who was at the beginning wild. Indeed that was the beginning of his wolf’s life with the famous law of the nature : « eat or be eaten« .
After being take in by an Indien he will experience later the cruelty and madness of humans.

Now I don’t really remember all the details of the story and so, however I remember myself crying at some parts of the book, because that’s a really touching and well-written story. What’s great with Jack London’s book is that you can believe in the story, because you’ve the impression that it has really happened in real life. After saying or writing all these things, I only want to read it again to have a new and fresher opinion ’bout it !

Yeah, so I don’t have much to say right now, but what’s sure is that it’s a must-reading book no matter what, with an amazing, funny, sad and deeply realistic story ! 😉

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