Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory is American anti-war novel created and published by the american Humphrey Cobb in 1935. The story speaks about the case of Souain’caporals. Louis Girard, Lucien Lechat, Louis Lefoulon and Téophile Maupas are condemns of revolts and have been shot for the exemple. This is one of many case on the mutiny during the first world war.

First, We need to talk about the context. The big war starts on july, the 28th 1914 in Europe. After 1915, the war continues mainly in France between two power nations, France and Germany. The war is very awful with so many deaths on the field. At the beginning of the 1915’year, many cases of mutiny are seen. The most famous is the case of Souain’s caporals.

Humphrey Cobb critics here, the stupidity of the war and soldiers unfairly killed by their nation without any reasons. I’ve never seen the best-seller not yet but I like the authors’involvement specially here. I think it’s very important to show us the dark side of what the French army did during the first world war. And not just our country but all the countries. That’s one of a reason because why I love this book…

The other reason is the film director Stanley Kubrick. In 1957, he adapted the novel with the same name. The story slightly different is still touching. Finally, we must never forget what these men made for their country.

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