Pride and Prejudice

Today I will talk about Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen and published in 1813.I read this book one year ago and I liked it very much because of his romantic story but also because of his « writing style ».

The story tell us the sentimental life of 5 sisters and the main character is Elisabeth Bennet who falls in love of Mr Darcy (first she hates him), the friend of the man she must married. In fact, the mother of Elisabeth is determined to find an husband for each of her daughters to assure their future. Elisabeth notice all the ploys of her mother to reconcile her and her neighbour Mr Bingley with irony and even if she appreciates him she’s not in love.

Behind this romantic comedyJane Austen critisizes the rigidity of the English society of the XVIII-XIXth Century. Indeed at the time a woman must be married and she doesn’t chosen her husband. The main theme of this book is marriage and money but also sincerity and truth,

I like this book because it’s sensitive and writte with humor and characters are engaging and appealing. The decor plunges us in a beautiful world with beautiful garden and hill, a little cottage and a large castle… I remember I was very fascinated by this book and his story!

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