» Under The Dome « 

HI Everyone,

Today I’m going to speak about a TV show entitled  » Under the Dome » produced by Brian K. Vaughan. This series is an adaptation of a book  »Dome » written by Stephen King.
I haven’t read this book yet but someone told me that it was quite similar.
And it’s belong to fantasy series.

So the story talked about people in a small country who suddenly find themselves trapped uder the dome. So they will find why it’s happened and how get out of that Dome.
Since the appearence of the Dome strange things are going to appear and it’s make people in danger. Characters are in tensions, quickly people became crazy.
We are discover that some people are linked with the dome and they can have an influence of him according to their feelings …
Characters are going to be strong to survive in this hardship.

I love this TV Show because there are suspens and I also try to found why the Dome is appear and I like fantasy.
I recommend it for all people who had read the book of Stephen King and for evebody who like fantasy series.

2 thoughts on “ » Under The Dome « 

  1. I like this show. Well, I just watched the first season few years ago but my sister keeps telling me to watch the other ones ! So, I will listen to her.. Thanks for sharing this show, it remained me to continue my viewing 🙂

  2. Oh ! I have already heard of this TV serie ! It must be a really interesting story !
    I have to see that ! Really ! In fact, I saw the trailer at the tv but i hadn’t the time to see that, but your article convinced me ! 🙂
    I didn’t know that it was an adaptation from King’s books ! Thanks for the discovery !
    Good job blandine 🙂

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