Basketball diaries

« You’re growing up. And rain sort of remains on the branches of a tree that will someday rule the Earth. And it’s good that there is rain. It clears the month of your sorry rainbow expressions, and it clears the streets of the silent armies…
so we can dance. »

Basketball diarie is a film inspired from the autobiographical book of Jim Carroll.

It tells the story of Jim, a thirteen years old boy, he is an accomplished basketball player. Jim and his friends begin to steal , to rip off and to use illicit substances. Jim keep a diary and actually Jim is a very talentuous writer. This film shows the ups and downs of a city, New York during the Sixties.

Jim takes drugs increasingly, he is addict to heroin and consume others substances.

A friend of Jim has lekemia and is forced to stay in his bed in hospital. Jim, unlike his other friends often comes to visit him.
Despite writing, sports and his sick friend nothing can stop Jim’s addiction.
Jim is gradually removed from his basketball team, his school and home by his mother. He begins dating the most disreputable places of New York.

This film is directed by Scott Kalvert in 1995. In headlining we can see the actors Leonardo Dicaprio, Mark Wahlberg ( The Yards, 2000) and Lorraine Bracco (Goodfellas, 1990).

I really liked this film because thans to the main character who Leonardo embodies at perfection I can see how you can quickly fall in an inadapted environment and how it can be difficult to stop be addict to something. And to conclude this film is very poetic.


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