Fool’s assassin by Robin Hobb

The book Fool’s assassin is an epic fantasy novel part of the Fitz and the Fool trilogy, written by the american author Robin Hobb. Published in 2014, this modern fantasy novel tells the story of Fitz Chivalry Farseer and his peacefull retirement at Bukkeep Castle.

This is a world with a monarchy reign ruled by the six duchies, who watches on the education of magic and the people who have that gift. Living his retirement with his wife as former assassin of the king, his life will be suddenly longing for his past activity, his « wit » will awake. Mysterious visitors came during the winter festivities, who were part of the Fool, with pale skin and claiming to be musicians, that night a scream came  from the upstairs of his home, blood trickling to the floor and apparently no sight of the Fool…

In this world of beauty, mystery and the proof of family love, I find this book really rich in english vocabulary and love the described landscapes, the style and in this period of time where you ride only by horse, the style is authentic .

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  1. when I read your article I wanted to know more about this book which seems to be very cool . So believe I have to read it, thanks for making me discover this book.

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