Shining by Stephen King

Shining is a horror and fantastic novel written by Stephen King in 1977. This book is the third book published by Stephen King. In 2013 a following based on the main character (Daniel Torrance) has been published “Doctor Sleep”.
This story is about a man; Jack Torrance who decided to regain control following to his alcoholism which made him lost his job of teacher at the university. So he decided to accept an employment of guardian in an isolated hotel in the Colorado’s mountain. Jack is a complicated man, he’s intelligent, attached to his family composed of Wendy Torrance (his wife) and Daniel Torrance (his son) but he is really impulsive.
Daniel Torrance has a supernatural power The Shining, in the hotel he can see things coming to the past (ghost) or to the future. He learns to know Dick Halloran, the cook of the hotel who like Daniel has The Shining and even his short age Daniel has more elevated power than Dick. Daniel and Dick share the same secret and became friends.
The hotel tries several times to possess Daniel in the goal to take him his power. Daniel enough mature for his age ignored it. So the hotel takes control on Jack Torrance who now see his family like his enemy.
A night Jack becoming insane because of the hotel tried to kill his own son. A pursuit began between Jack, Daniel and Wendy. Daniel feeling in danger calls Dick thanks to The Shining. Whereas Jack is going to the basement in the goal to prevent the explosion of the old boiler of the hotel which needs to be adjusted every day, it is too late, Daniel, Wendy and Dick escaped of the hotel and Jack dies in the explosion.
A film directed by Stanley Kubrick is the most famous adaptation of this thriller.

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