Talon by Julie Kagawa

Talon is a novel written by Julie Kagawa and was published in 2014.

This book is part of the serie of three books who takes us into a world where dragons and humans live prosper together, but not in the way we would expect.

Ember Hill and Dante Hill, both brother and sister, were born in Talon and raised to one day discover their destiny : work for Talon by being Basilic, Vipers… which are litteraly Killing machines, trained to fight against st.George, their legendary ennemy. Sent to Crescent beach in a host family, they have been trained to stay in their human form to not be uncovered, as well as many more expectations of complete obedience. Ember is a rebel character and her only dream is to fly, so she learns how to surf and makes human friends, even if you’re in human form it isn’t that simple to be sociable. Throughout the story she will become impatient and stubborn with her brother, and will brake the rules, but she doesn’t know that in her friend groupe one of them finds out to be part of st.George and has one mission: to find those hatchlings detected in the area and take them down.  An impossible love story will tangle up the soldier’s plans and Ember will be torn between a peacefull life and the worlds that seperates her and the people she loves.

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