Torn by Cat Clarke.


After to be non-fiction author, the British Cat Clarke dedicates himself to literature for young adults. Her novel, Torn was published in 2013 and was a great success in England.

This novel talk about Alice King, 16 years old who leave with her class for a trip to Scotland. She did not expect dream vacation but she would never have imagined the nightmarish twist that will take the events. The girl and her best friend Cass find themselves having to share a cottage with Polly, the asocial, Rae, the bipolar Gothic, and Tara, the queen of plagues, popular, beautiful, and cruel. Tara have a real bad comportment with the girls. She likes nothing better than putting people down. Cass intends to take this week to give to Tara a lesson she will not soon forget. The victims have decided that the time for revenge has come.

The book tells the story « after » the life of Alice and her friends, following the death of Tara. When Alice tells what happenned, it was horrible and intense. The atmosphere was ponderous. The rest of the book is based on it and on her insecurities, doubts and guilt. And of course, love is mingled with this story. Except Alice did not really have the right to love the man that she loves. Cat Clarke has a black humor quite excellent, I found that although we do not know how would end this story. Because for morality, she could not let Alice get away while she played a role in the murder. But at the same time, Alice is not totally guilty. She’s a good girl.

To conclude, Cat Clarke written again a good book who gives goosebumps until the end. We have engaging characters. We feel and understand how guilt for some people, how everyone handles grief as he wishes. Above all, we understand that it is important to bear the consequences of our acts.

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