Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett and was published in 1952. Samuel Beckett is an Irish author, poet and playwright.  He was a main character in the theatre called « Theatre of the Absurd ». He was born in 1906 and he died in 1989. His  literary movement is the Modernism and Nonsense. Waiting for Godot is a play of Nonsense. It is composed two acts and the original text is a translation to French, because Beckett wrote in english and in french. The first representation was in the theater of Babylone in Paris.

In Waiting for Godot, we have two mains characters : Estragon and Vladimir. They are in the countryside, near a tree. In the play, we have probably a poor stage set. The two characters are alone. They are surely longtime friends. Vladimir is the smartest than Estragon but he is too a little naive and  there is Estragon who is stupid and he is  strange. Both are Tramps. Both waited  for someone who called Godot but we understand to the end of the first act that Gadot never come and we don’t know if he exist really. There are two others characters : Pozzo and Lucky. Their relation is like master and slave. Pozzo is the master and Lucky is the slave but he is treated like an animal, because Pozzo holds him with a rope and he gives him orders like a dog. It is a strange relation between these two characters. Te four characters meet and speak but their coversation are not really logic.

For me, this play is difficult to understand, because it is Nonsense and i don’t really like that, there are no real plot or purpose. But this play is funny and the book reads quickly. I read Waiting for Godot, because we studied this book in French literature.


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