« Charlie » or « Firestarter » by Stephen King

Hello everyone,

Today i’m going to speak about an amazing novel entitled « Charlie » or « Firestarter » and wrote by Stephen King the famous author.
This novel was published in 1980, later it was adapted in theatre with Drew Barrymore playing Charlie. I don’t know if the movie respect the book because I haven’t saw it, if someone did tell me.

So let me tell you briefly what about this story, Charlie is a 7 years old girl who is born with strong power : pyrokinesique. The problem is that she doesn’t control her power and it’s dangerous.
You have to know that her power comes from her parents who have been subject of an experiment when they are young. This experiment has change their DNA and capacities appears. For example Andrew Mcgee (Charlie’s father) can control peolple’s mind and create illusions.
But unfortunatly they are wanted by an agency from the governement who want study their power or even eliminate the « threat ». So Charlie and his father are constantly on run.               So in your opinion did they arrived to catch them ? 

This novel is very nice to read with a lot of suspens and this story is original and we want to know what happend next. I tell you, you must read it !

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