Dan Brown, Inferno

Hello everybody !

Today I would like to speak about the novel Inferno written by Dan Brown.

Dan Brown is an american writer famous for his book Da Vinci Code but also for creating lot of controversery with this same book. Inferno was published in 2013 and it is a thriller.

Inferno is the story about Robert Langdon, Harvard University profesor who wakes up in a hospital. Woundedn he has no memory of the few laters days. Why he is in Florence ? When his world becomes a nightmare, he fled with a young women, Sienna Brooks. He quickly understands that he has a coded message creates by a genious who throughout his life trying to avoid the end of the world. Caught in a race of time, Langdon and Sienna will try to escape their enemies and solve puzzles through the greatest works of Italy like Inferno by Dante Alighieri.

Dan Brown proposes in this book a trip through Florence, Venice, Istanbul with thousands of détails that make us travel. Inferno also learnt me a lot of things about the history of Italy with the Medicis, Boticelli, Michel-Ange…  It is also a reflexion of the evolution of our world and the author denounced the different world’s organizations. So I loved this book, it was very interesting with many suspens !

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