« DENIAL » – Peter James

Hi everyone,
Today I’m going to speak about an amazing novel entitled « Denial » and wrote by Peter James an English Autor. This book belong to thriller and published in 1996.

So this story talks about a man named Thomas Lamark who lived in London with his mom, an older actrees: Gloria Lamark. You have to know that Thomas loved his mother and when I said love I mean love that you’re not allows or not suppose to feel for someone on your family.
But unfortunatly she decided to kill herself. Thomas found his mother dead and he reject the fault on Mickeal Tennet (his mother’s psy), So Thomas decided to revenge his mother by hurt then kill the guilty.
However this revenge will completely degenerate and engedered numerous murder. Thomas doesn’t want only punish the guilty he also want to hurt everybody who was an obstale for his mother.

I don’t know if some of you already read it but if not you had to, because suspens is here in every pages and we want to know what happend next. This story also makes me thinking about things who really exist, about the reality.
I tell you this book is Amazing and I recommend it for every people who loved suspens and thriller, you won’t be disappointed !

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  1. Ah you so much spoke about this book to me! I didn’t think that it was so … weird and violent. The main character seems to be very agressive (and also crazy of course)! It reminds me the Oedipus complex.

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