Oliver Twist

      Oliver Twist :

  Charles Dickens was born in February 7, 1817 next to Portsmouth in England and he was dead in june 9, 1870. He was romancer and dramatist but too journalist. His best book is Oliver Twist, and he was published beetwen 1837 at 1839.

  Oliver Twist is an Orphan, her mother is dead. He was to receive by parish.He is educate by Mrs.Mann, she is hypocritical and selfish women. At 9 years old, Oliver go in workhouse and Mr Bumble change a rules. The children fail food. Oliver going in dungeon because he want to food with his friends. Oliver will be take like chimney sweep but then he will dispatched at workhouse. Ahfter he will be take by in undertaker’s but he isn’t happy and he don’t have best life. Oliver will a conflicts in family who he is receive. Oliver decide to escpae in London. He make meet different people who help him to survive. He fall by people where he will « free » but he will to be steal. Mr Brownlow will help Oliver after different event in this story. Whil the story Oliver will be again a different problem but he discover the thruth and then Oliver will be happy.


Ther is very emotionein this story because that touch a live of children . And we can see the reality in the old days.

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