Peter Pan, by James Matthew Barrie

Peter Pan is a fictional character created by the Scottish James Matthew Barrie. He appeared for the first time in 1902 in the novel The Little White Bird, in a play called Peter and Wendy and finally in the novel Peter Pan. Everyone know Peter Pan or has already heard about him. He’s in the popular culture. He’s very famous and here, i’m going to talk about the novel Peter Pan, written by J.M Barrie. It’s also known as Peter Pan or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up.

One friday night, Peter Pan freely visit the house of the Darling Family. Mr and Miss Darling are not at home this night, and the nurse Nana, who’s actually a dog, is chained in the garden. Wendy, John and Micheal, the children, are alone and it’s a good plan for Peter to recover his shadow, that he lost the day before. Unfortunately, he wakes up Wendy, John ad Micheal. He decides to bring them to Neverland because he’s greedyof Wendy’s stories and he wants her to be their mother.  Their journey will be shaken by the Captain Hook, the Indians, the mermaids and the fairy Tinker Bell.

This story and especially the character of Peter are really interesting. At first saw, everythig turn around the subject of the adults. Peter doesn’t want to grow up, his enemy is the Captain Hook who is an adult, The Lost Boys that Peter killed when they are getting too old, because it’s forbidden to be an adult on his island. There’s also Peter who is sired to Neverland : He IS Neverland. When he left it, the island fall asleep, The Lost Boys and the Pirate stop the fight. Everything is about Peter, he controls everything and he’s not really kind as we could think. He’s a stranger of love or any deep sense. He’s indifferent of everything except himself. We’re far far away from the Disney’s version. He’s also compared to the Captain Hook and there’s a lot of common point between them.
They’re like Batman and the Joker : They cannot live without each other, but they fear each other. They are both without love : Hook live whithout it while Peter doesn’t even know the existence of love. But the important difference between them is the age : Hook is an adult. Peter is afraid of the adult’s cruelty and it’s the reason why he wants to stay a child. Finally, Peter is really upset when he wisit Wendy after a lot of years and find that Wendy is an adult now and she’s got a daughter. Peter decide to pick Wendy’s daughter, Jane, and bring her to Neverland.

A lot of adaptation were created. The one very famous is the movie Peter Pan directed by J.Hogan in 2003 with Jason Isaacs in the role of Captain Hook and Mr Darling and Jeremy Sumpter in the role of Peter Pan.

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