Stranger Things – The Duffer brothers

For this article I decided to talk about a new american TV show that was released on Netlfix in July 2016 called Stranger Things. This science fiction / horror series was created and directed by the Duffer brothers ( Matt and Ross Duffer ) and produced by Shawn Levy.

Plot : In November 1983, in Indiana in the town of Hawkins, a 12 years old boy named Will Byers ( played by Noah Schnapp ) vanishes mysteriously. His mom, Joyce ( played by Winona Ryder ), his brother,his friends and the police chief of the town all start to look for him. One night when Dustin ( Gaten Matarazzo ), Lucas ( Caleb Mc Laughlin ) and Mike ( Finn Wolfhard ) were looking for Will in the woods, they found a girl ( Millie Bobby Brown ), with a shaved head and the number 011 tattooed on her arm. This girl, then, claims to know where Will is, and the boys soon discover that she also has super powers. While people are looking for Will, weird supernatural things are happening probably linked to the Energy Laboratory of Hawkins which also seems linked to Will Byers.

This show is so amazing, and quite scary, but the fact that the main characters are kids makes it 10 times better. It also reminds me of  E.T. ( directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 1982 ) because this girl has super powers, we don’t know where she’s from and Will’s friends are protecting her just like Elliot with E.T.

Unfortunatly there are only 8 episodes available at the moment but the cast is working on season 2 already ! If you get a chance to watch it, do it, but don’t watch it alone ????

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  1. I have a big list of series I absolutely have to watch and Stranger Things is part of it. Many friends told me to watch but I can’t find time.. I really liked you’re article and it makes me want to watch it even more !

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