The affairs of others

              The affairs of others, Amy Grace Layd :

Biography : Amy Grace Loyd write one book, this is The affairs of others. After she worfk for playboy Magazine and she lived in Brooklyn.

The main character is Celia, whi his husband is dead a disease. She owns an apartment and she has 3 dwellers ( a couple whitout children, an old man he is a captaine and Goerge a teacher, he take a travel for going to France and leaves his apartment in Hope,  she separed from her husband.

Celia doesn’t want to have contact with society, because she is sad with the death of his husband. She take a pharmaceuticals ans alcohol for exemple to sleep.

Hope has lover who beats because she ask it. Then she organized a Party for welcome. Celia doesn’t want to go to the Party but she going .One days, Hope go to the hospitla, because she did a hard Party . His lover has too much drink alcohol and he going to Celia home and he knock a door and Celia too but head of HOpe lover’s. Then Celia has want relationship and she find with Hope. At the end there is a Party and there is a final description of his dwellers.

Celia come back to life!

The morals of this book, is they people can’t live alone. There is a mixe of Celia story the past with the present.

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