The Girl On The Train, Paula Hawkins

Hi everyone so today I am going to talk about a book I read this summer and that I love very very much. It’s called The Girl On The Train and it’s written by Paula Hawkins. The novel debuted at N°1 on The New York Times Fiction Best Sellers of 2015 list.

From the suburb where she lives, Rachel took the train twice a day to commute to London. Every day she sits in the same place, and every day she watches a nice house. This house, she knows it by heart, she even gave a name to its occupants : Jason and Jess. A couple perfect couple to her, a happy couple, as Rachel has been by the past with her husband before he cheats on her and dumps her. But one morning, she finds out another man in the window. What is going on ? Is Jess cheating on her husband? A few days later, it’s with amazement that she discovers the photo of Jess in the newspaper headlines. The young woman, whose real name is Megan Hipwell, mysteriously disappeared …

This book is an obsession, in every sense of the word. It’s made as an assembly of various diaries, the story is told by so many people like a puzzle with a view to a final table. It tells us the story of ordinary people, like you and me with ordinary lives full of happiness and common misfortunes. But for Rachel, the girl on the train, everything is good to enhance a sad and dull life and this is when she began her obsession.

But I will not tell you more, I can’t tell you everything, because this novel is a multitude of events that themselves made me feel a multitude of emotions. Just know that in this book there’s no hero, no characters almost perfect here, all have more or less murky secrets.You can’t imagine the end. I was constantly uncertain to the events that took place in this small suburb of London.

Paula Hawkins manages to give reality to her characters through their flaws, weaknesses, and stormy or happy pasts. Life is not a bed of roses, far from it.

It’s an excellent psychological thriller, in which Steven Spielberg was able to recognize the talent of the author, since he bought the film rights. I really recommend it because it’s such a good novel.

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