The Host – Stephanie Meyer

For my first article this year I decided to write about a book that I read again this summer for the fifth time probably, it’s called The Host and was written by Stephenie Meyer ( who’s also the author of the Twilight saga ) it was published in 2008.

This story, as well as all the book I read, is a post apocalyptic story. The Earth is invaded by aliens called « souls » , they implant themselves into human bodies and take over the human’s conciousness because, for them, humans don’t deserve the planet because they’re too violent. When a soul gets in a body, it erases every memory and knowledge the person had before.

A soul has been placed into Melanie Stryder’s body, called Wanderer. But Melanie’s conciousness is still alive and starts to communicate with Wanderer, Melanie tries to guide her to find her uncle, brother and boyfriend who’re hiding from the aliens somewhere in the desert, when they got to their hiding spot, they found out that about 30 people are also hiding there and everyone’s scared of Wandere except Melanie’s family, her boyfriend and Ian, a guy who fell in love with Wanderer. During her time there she finds out that they’re trying to find a way to cut souls out of their host but each attempt end up with the death of the host… Will they be able to cut out Wanderer of Melanie ? Will Wanderer find a new host ?

To find out you’ll have to read the 830 pages of the book ! I know it sounds like a lot of pages but the story is so captivating that when you finish the book it doesn’t feel like you’ve read that many pages.

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