Hello guys!

Today, i’m going to talk about 1984 the most famous novel wich was written by the famous english novelist Georges Orwell and was published on 1949.

It was considered like a science fiction novel and it was a dystopia.

This novel is about a totalitarian regime while the war against Eurasia. We find the Big Brother in the story, it´s a very important chatacter because it keep order in the society, in face they are supervision camera…

Main chatacters are both in love in secret while this war, they are Julia and Winston.. They usually meet on a bedroom, until they were discover thanks to the Big Brother, so Winston is tortured..

Despite, in 1956 the novel is adapted to the cinema it´s an english film directed by Michael Anderson.

This novel shows us the reality with the violence and the cruetly of the totalitarian regime and the society under control..

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