Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk is a movie created by Gus Van Sant. He was released in 2009 in France. This movie deal with Harvey Milk, an politician who fought against inequalities for homosexuals in 70’s. It’s the story of Harvey Milk, the first homosexual politician who was elected to the San Fransisco’s  town hall ans murdered with the mayor by Dan White.

On this movie, we can see how the homosexual were repressed of the society and how people, who includes police, politician,doctor,.. saw the homosexuality like a disease, we can also see how homosexual fought against that alongside Harvey Milk.

It’s a very beautiful historical film, who does not have a happy end like the real story of Mr Milk.

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  1. Hello Mathilde!
    You already told me to watch this movie at the beginning of the year, but I didn’t remember the name, only the story. I really want to watch it, it seems to be an interesting and a touching movie!

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