« In a dark, dark Wood », Ruth Ware, 2015.

Hello ! Today, I would like to talk about the psychological thriller « In a dark, dark Wood ». This novel was written by Ruth Ware, a british author, in 2015. The story speaks about Nora and Clare, who where best friends 10 years ago. But, a day, after the school, Clare disappeared. Now, Nora is a young writer who lives solitary in London. One day, she receives a strange invitation to Clare. Clare will be married and want to celebrate this, in this home… Inside the Woods… Dark Woods. Nora hasn’t seen this best friend for 10 years, and wants to see the « new » Clare. But something goes wrong to the party of « truth or dare » with the other people who where invited . Some things can’t stay secret for ever… It was a great gripping read, scary and amazing. I love this kind of book !! The Woods reminds me the fantasy world, and the strange atmosphere is very creppy !

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