Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children

This is a book of dark fantasy, written in 2011 and was published in June. Ransom Riggs is a photo collector, and this book would have been published only containing vintage photos, who remained on the pages but are actually the illustration of a fantastic and horrific story.

To introduce this novel, I can say that the main athmosphere is a lot of mysteries and action, that will unfold as you go through the story. Jacob, an ordinary boy, grew up with his grandfather’s stories. He told him amazing adventures about killing monsters, sailing seas, and the little boy’s imagination was bubbling. Abraham talked about an orphanage, where he had been saved from the monsters, Jacob one day wanted to find out more about his grand father’s past. The only problem is, Jacob didn’t know that his life was about to change forever, and very fast. He would be caught in a deliriousl but real adventure : protect the orphanage from the incoming danger, to save the children. What is so peculiar in this orphanage? Were they still alive, after all these years?  Was his grandfather’s stories only fiction ?

I highly recommend this book, the story is amazing and the pictures are very unusual and interesting, I just can’t wait to go and watch the film!

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