The Kid

The kid is an american silent comedy-drama released in 1921, directed, produced and written by Charlie Chaplin. This is the first Charlie Chaplin’s movie, and The Kid is  considered as one of the greatest movies of the silent area.

The story take place in the twenties and deals with poverty during those years. The two main characters are a glazier tramp interpreted by Charlie Chaplin and a kid played by Jackie Coogan.  The story beggin with a woman (interpreted by Edna Purviance) carrying her newborn while she’s leaving a charity hospital. The mother abandon her son and put him in the back of the seat of an expensive car with an note asking to the person who will that note to take care of the baby. Unfortunately, the car is stolen and as soon as the two robbers find the baby since he was crying, they abandon him in the street next to the garbages. By walking the streets, the Tramp (glazier) will find the baby, at first he doesn’t want that responsability, but he changed his mind because he ended up to like this kid as his own son and decided to raise the boy (despite the hard living conditions at that time) and called him John. Five years later, the kid and the Tramp will work as a team with John trowing stones in order to break windows so the Tramp working as glazier can fix them. They will live several short adventures but unfortunately, social services will interrupt them. Then, the mother at the begging who abandoned John becamed rich and will try by all means to find her child.

I really liked because of the link between the two protagonists it shows the solidarity between them which is really well represented.

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