South Park (Trey Parker & Matt Stone)

South Park is a Tv animation series, written and created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone since the August, 13th 1997. The plot is the adventures of four elementary school children: Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny and all their other friends like Butters, Timmy or Jimmy… All these peoples lives in the small town of South Park (Imaginary city) in the state of Colorado in the U.S.A. This small but famous little town is the witness of very strange events like UFO invasions or apparition of Demons like Cthullu… South Park seems to find this type of situations totally normals and they find solutions very simply. This very famous animation series is very controversial for many reasons like the vulgarity and the violence of the scenes, but also the satire and critical side, the two creators of this universe makes their episodes according to actualities like Elections or Wars..
Despite the extreme vulgarity and violence of this series, I really love it because firstly I watch it since I‘m a little child and also because it makes me laugh a lot and it could be the same advice for everyone if they don’t watch this at the first degree..

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