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Funkadelic is an american funk band founded in 1964. Initially known as The Parliaments, it began music in the hair salon of George Clinton, the leader of the band and change its name for Funkadelic in 1970. It is active from 1964 to 1981, and during this time, 13 album are released, the members of the group go through drugs problem, they change their band name twice... The group evolved but one of their musical piece is timelessness : Maggot Brain.


Maggot Brain is derived of the album also called Maggot Brain, realeased in 1971. The story behind the song is as legendary as mysterious. It lasts ten minutes, essentially composed of an electric guitar and a drum in the background. Eddie Hazel, guitarist of the band perfom Maggot Brain from beginning to end. Only George Clinton's voice is heard as an introduction and shortly before the end.

Here are the lyrics :

Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time 
For y'all have knocked her up. 
I have tasted the maggots in the mind of the universe 
I was not offended 
For I knew I had to rise above it all 
Or drown in my own shit. 

Come on Maggot Brain 
Go on Maggot Brain

If we refer us to the legend, the musical piece was created on drugs (LSD more precisely) and George Clinton asked Eddie Hazel to play as if his mother had just passed away. There is an another version of the story : Maggot Brain was composed to accompany Jimi Hendrix's soul who died a year ago.

Eddie Hazel recorded that song in one shot with a Wah-Wah pedal and a delay pedal if I'm not mistaken.

This piece of music represent a cosmic travel and the culmination to a state-of-mind which transcends all that human can imagine.

Maggot Brain was also played during the funeral of Eddie Hazel on 22, December, 1992.

Classified 60th on the 100 greatest guitar songs of all times by Rolling Stone magazine, Maggot Brain is one of the guitar solo the most crushing and masterful in the world.

In my view, this song is bewitching, captivating and aerial. It makes me feel a lot of thing that I couldn't describe. I love listen to this musical piece, it is one of my favourite. I feel the same thing when I listen to Before The Beginning of John Frusciante. Besides, he said he was inspired by Maggot Brain to record his song. It is featured on his 2009 album called The Empyrean.

There is also a recent song of Childish Gambino present on his new album Awaken ! My Love called The Night Me And Your Mama Met which reminds me of Maggot Brain. By the way, I think all his new album was inspired by Maggot Brain album.

Through my research about this beautiful song, I stumble upon a cover of Maggot Brain with a violin. According to me, it is wonderful.

If you have 10 minutes to lose, please, listen to Maggot Brain. And if you have 30 minutes to lose, listen to the other music I have introduced in this article. All are amazing.

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